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having fun storming your castle

June 15th, 2006

no, i am not dead @ 07:53 am

just super ridiculously busy and additionally, saturday is my birthday.

May 27th, 2006

kid go! @ 08:43 pm

today's song title is from the show: bring in 'da noise, bring in 'da funk

i had a huge backlog of pictures due to the move, so as much as i'd like to blame it just on being sick, i believe the dates on some of these early ones speak for themselves.

we moved into our new house when avi was right about nine months old. he settled in quickly, doing all the important things he does every day.
like eating. he's quite good at that. usually.

and playing.
something made far more amusing when the camera's out, apparently.or at least the game becomes more about the camera and less about whatever it was we were playing before.

on mother's day we visited d's parents and although this picture doesn't show it, there was much celebrating of all the moms, grandmas, and greatgrandmas.
but holy cow, how cute is this?

my parents also brought us dinner that evening, and we celebrated my dad's birthday,
and avi went for a walk with nana.
ahem. i got roses. awesome.

as far as milestones go, in addition to the whole walking-with-assistance thing (where assistance is defined as any individual, certified "walking-toy", or laundry basket that might happen to be in his way), avi is the fastest crawler in the west. he can also stand on his own.
although i can only provide evidence of what happens after he stops standing, since at the time i was still too awestruck to document it properly. i have since recovered.

avi also continues to be very gracious when it comes to humoring my fashion whims. with careful cultivation, i seem to have raised my son to actually love hats as much as i do.
rememember the chicken viking hat?
as i posted yesterday, it has made its reappearance as part of avi's playtime wardrobe.
which of course i think is absolutely hysterical.

so the tadpole was ten months old on thursday. damn. and since we're all feeling much better, this is definetly starting to be fun again. it's going to be an excellent weekend.

May 26th, 2006

i know things now @ 08:40 pm

today's song title is from the show: my old standby, into the woods

stuff i've learned over the past week:

  • avi definetely had an ear infection

  • turns out i had bronchitis and a sinus infection as well

  • it's a poor choice to realize this while your temperature is 101

  • but even that is not as awful as the first time you read your son's temperature at 104.4

  • apparently babies do that

  • it's (what?!) not that big a deal

  • bubble pack antibiotics are the shit

  • multiple vials of bright pink amoxicillin and an industrial syringe are not

  • two days off of work is just enough to make me miss it

  • it's also just enough to make me woefully behind upon my return

  • i shouldn't try to work for 15 hours the first day back, however

  • (exhausted all over again)

  • it's also unadvisable to work 12 hours the next day

  • lo, a four day weekend awaits my well-deserving self

  • oh, and it's always a bad idea to promise updates (with pictures) because the natives get restless and leave snarky comments

more tomorrow.

May 17th, 2006

bali hai @ 08:42 pm

quick snippets while i gobble down my lunch at work:

my dear elana had her baby boy jonas samuel on monday morning! all are doing well and are right this very moment on their way home.

i got my hair cut and it's way too short and i hate it because the lady cut off all my curls even though i told her not to and then i overtipped her because i'm too nice.

avi slept straight through last night thank the fucking lord. he had a nice bath and six (six!) bedtime stories, and went down around 8:15pm with no ibuprofen but with nice clean sheets. we heard him a wee bit around 6am but he didn't get up and he was still sleeping (albeit restlessly) when i left at 8:20 this morning.

today's title is from south pacific and it has nothing to do with anything, i just have it in my head for some totally random reason so i decided to subject it to all you people too. so there.

May 14th, 2006

mother and son @ 09:21 am

today's song title is from the show: the who's tommy

happy first mother's day to me, to me.

in celebration, avi only got up twice last night AND slept until 8:30am. his new lullaby-spouting cd player also made its debut, hopefully soothing him back to sleep until we confirm if he has an ear infection or not.

today i get to hang out with family, hopefully go to target for some new shirts (holy shit, has it really come to that?), do more laundry, hang out with more family (it's also my dad's sixty-fifth birthday, go dad!), and maybe, just maybe get some take-out sushi.

because after all, it's my day, dammit.

i came downstairs with a whole list of things to write about, but i must have left them on the stairs or something. because yes, it really has come to that.

May 12th, 2006

agony @ 09:21 am

yes, i know i used this song before. it's from into the woods, which is a very good show, but that's not why i picked it out again.

avi still can't sleep.

we're heading into our fourth week of this, and it's the most frustrating and excruciating thing i've ever dealt with.

i feel like a zombie.

i think it's time to call the doctor.

May 10th, 2006

bye bye baby @ 09:29 pm

today's song title is from the show: gentlemen prefer blondes

avi waved bye bye today for the first time. alot. and totally in an appropriate way, so don't give me any shit about him just moving his fingers without realizing what he's doing. we've been signing with him for months now, and he's nine and a half months old, so right on target to start responding. it's totally fucking awesome. i cried. seriously. i mean, i had a very emotional day regardless, and i had driven all the way out to my mom's house to see him because d took him out there before i got home from work and i wasn't going to see him until tomorrow night when i went out there to get him but oh. my. god. he waved bye bye to me.

my mom said he did it earlier in the day when d dropped him off too.


it almost made up for the fact that last night he went to bed at 8:15pm, woke up screaming at 12:30am, went back to bed by 1am, woke up screaming at 4:45, and then continued to scream until almost 7am at which point d finally magically somehow got him to go back to sleep until 8:30.

we're heading into our fourth week of this madness, and it's really starting to wear us down. we don't know if it's the move, my return to work, his beginning-walking skills, his ninth fucking tooth coming in, or a combination of all of these things. i was spoiled rotten that he slept so well for so long, that is for sure. holy shit this part sucks.

but he waved! my baby waved!

turns out it was an okay day afterall.

May 8th, 2006

i'm back in circulation @ 08:38 pm

today's song title is from the show: redhead

whew. i'm back. we're moved and settled and mostly unpacked. work is good, avi is still not sleeping well, and we finally got the internet alive and kicking at home. i feel like it's been ages. oh, i guess it has.

so not only have i not kept up with anyone else's news, i am not about to sit here and read three weeks (three weeks!) worth of backlogs. if something was really important, i'm sure you emailed me about it.

why is there cat litter on the desk?

so there you have my entirely uninspired return. i'm going to go find a dustpan.

April 25th, 2006

museum song @ 10:44 am

today's song title is from the show: barnum

work is good. i am busy and the people are mostly excellent and i think it's going to end up being a pretty great match.

we are moved. no internet at home yet, but we're working on it. hopefully in the next three days or so.

i am doing better today. it was easier to leave avi this morning since he got up at 5am. not so endearing. plus we got to hang out for almost two hours before i headed off to the museum.

which is where i am now. which is why i am going back to work.

April 22nd, 2006

da-doo @ 08:04 am

today's song title is from the show: little shop of horrors

friday morning avi got up super early so i got to see him before i left for work. by the time i was heading out the door, he had fallen back to sleep in our bed.

when i got home again in the evening, the scene was somewhat similar.

see all the boxes stacked up behind them? it's moving day. computer is going down in about ten minutes.

having fun storming your castle